Wren 180i LAB

Wren 44 Demo Rig

One of two test stands custom made by Wren for the RAF to demonstrate jet engine technology in schools/colleges in a recruitment drive

Wren 44 Shaft Power Engines


Wren Power Systems’ jet engine products are mainly aimed at the leisure flyer market but Wren recognised there was a clear need for high quality miniature gas turbine engines that were specially prepared for use as educational tools for students of thermodynamics and engineering.

Wren’s 2017 Wren LAB  engine includes a cabinet trolley to mount all the items in a single wheel mounted enclosure. We are adding a metal fuel tank, a mass flow intake sensor, a de mountable protective cover to protect the engine section. The unit will feature the usual seven standard pressure and temperature ports, the base amplifier section with 19 analogue outputs and 15 switched outputs for external monitoring via industry standard 37 pin connector and integral power supply.   The hand control can be used mounted on the trolley or moved to remote operating.

Wren do offer engines for use purely as technology demonstrators such as the twin small engine unit 2 x 4.5kg thrust engines and control unit). We can also prepare these with larger engines (2 x 10 kg engines) or other single engine configurations as required.

We have also prepared engines by special request to an educational equipment company using our very small 44 size engine (4.5kg). These were prepared to full LAB specification with a full range of ports and sensors in a very small package. These were shaft power engines for connecting to generators and/or dyno rigs. We can also offer a similar package arranged as a turbo-prop for propeller drive with thrust and torque sensing. These are really small engines and run very quietly and being so very compact can be considered as practical for desktop installations due to their very small size.

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Hand Control  Unit




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